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Brand Positioning and Presentation – The EF Label

“Are you still fretting over how to properly communicate with foreign customers when they step in the store?” English remains the most widely-spoken language worldwide. Business owners, therefore, will be well-served by being English-proficient: besides potential income, a favorable reputation, English-speaking business owners also help boost Taiwan’s tourism brand image.

The Administration of Commerce under the Ministry of Economic Affairs launched a language improvement program for businesses in popular tourism destinations, so as to create a bilingual climate for business owners and their staff while improving their language proficiency. The DoC also unveiled themed dining and shopping sprees, and bilingual tour services, offering a tourist-friendly travel space for English-speaking globetrotters.

Also, to assist retail chains bilingualize their operation, and upgrade bilingual proficiency of people staffed in the headquarters, the DoC shall select high-performing businesses and help improve their language knowhow in individual locations, improve the staff’s spoken English, and optimize retain chains’ bilingual marketing resources to set a positive example for other chain stores. Services, businesses and retain companies that have received bilingualization support will be certified accordingly based on their proficiency level.

The EF (“English Friendly”) logo is characterized by the warm color palette, bringing sunshine, clouds, Taiwan and the English alphabets into sharp focus to signify “’an island of riches and cultural diversity in the vast Pacific.” So book a ticket, and escape completely to Taiwan, where bilingualized business experience makes the trip a true standout.”