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Soondubu: the dish consists of a rich, distinctly Korean soup base, and non-GMO soft tofu, plus a ranch-fresh egg right before serving. Stir the egg into the soup to mix it in with the creamy, silky tofu. It’s a humble yet luscious dish fit for a king.
Tofu Restaurant Group is the largest Korean cuisine conglomerate based in Taiwan, and Dubu House Korea, one of the Group’s subsidiaries, has wowed the patrons here in Taiwan since 2008 with an amazing variety of Korean cuisines, on top of its signature soondubu menu. It’s now recognized as the top Korean gourmet restaurant in Taiwan. What makes Dubu House Korea’s signature dish, soondubu, delightfully different from your run-of-mill tofu hotpots, is that the restaurant spares no cost in curatin
“Come and get your ear of grilled corn on the cob!” Many of us in Taiwan grew up with this familiar call from grilled corn peddlers. Grilled corns are a popular street food item with over sixty-years of history and loved by the locals.
Hong Ya Hamburger was established in 1987. It was previously a breakfast franchise known as “Mei Burger.” To set itself apart from other business rivals, management of the franchise redesigned the logo, and integrated a lively, more recognizable corporate visual identity. The newly-minted Hong Ya Hamburger logo was officially inaugurated in 1995 to attract franchisees to come on board. In its earliest days, Hong Ya Hamburger focused predominantly on producing western breakfast items and dairy p
Founder of Bubble Z, A-we Wu, fell in love with tea since he was ten. He watched the adults at home and learned about tea-making and tea-drinking; he also toured tea farms, picked and fermented teas. In the process, he knew the ins and outs of the tea business. In 2001, he opened Bubble Z, a tea shop, in Chaoma region of Taichung. Three years later, he established A~we, a beverage shop, in Beitun of Taichung. A-we also developed a contractual partnership with tea farmers in Minjian, Nantou, mak
Tens and thousands of fish and seafood products are being wholesaled, retailed and traded here at Kanzaiding Fish Market daily. Kanzaiding is where Mr. Lin Kai-jie, founder of Jhu Jian Catering, gets the freshest seafood supply daily for his patrons, and will forever occupy a special spot in his heart. Lin recalls that faithful day in his youth, when he was physically strengthened and spiritually nourished by a bowl of warm fish soup after a long, exhausting day at work. Since then, he’d always
Gai Bang Braised Dishes started out in 1989 as a street food vender. It then evolved to become one of the biggest names in the street eats community. Founder of “Gai Bang” (“The Beggars' Sect”) found the inspiration for the business from works of wuxia fiction by Jin Yong. Gai Bang was said to be the largest and most respected martial arts sect in the martial artists’ community, so founder of this street food brand hoped to promote Taiwanese braised dishes across the world and in the process, ma
Founded in 2005, Natural First is a tea beverage franchise hailed from the city of Tainan, a cultural capital loved for its rich history and folk customs. Tea is a big deal for the folk in the city, who go about life at a leisurely pace, as evidenced by the clusters of tea drinkers sitting under the trees, shooting the breeze while enjoying their favorite brew.