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New Taipei City Danshui
Danshui Old Street is divided into an inner and outer section. The outer street sits against the golden waterway footpath along Danshui river coast, while the inner side is a traditional old street lined with bustling shops, which consist of bakeries and groceries stores of the old days, and boutiques selling modern apparel and toy shops. Some of the most iconic snack foods in the area are: A Gei, fish ball, fried fish crackers, Taiwanese soul food-inspired cakes, Granny’s iron eggs, etc. As the
New Taipei City New Taipei City
With scenes like movies from the animation master Miyasaki, “Jiufen Old Street” consists of four streets aligned “three horizontally and one vertically” with many surrounding steps as features. The Jiufen Mountain City standing alone on top of mountain peak is famous for its view of the Keelung mountain and sea natural barrier, along with scenic beauty of lofty mist. One can stroll along Jiufen Old Street in feature souvenir shops and taste local delicacies. The nostalgic architectures along the
Keelung City Keelung
Keelung Harbor is located at the northern tip of Taiwan that is between Fugueijiao and Bitoujiao. The eastern, western, and southern sides of the harbor are surrounded by hills. The northwest of harbor is open, and its southwest side extends into the inner harbor. It forms a narrow waterway of about 2000 meters long and 400 meters wide and serves as a naval port and commercial port. It is an excellent harbor in northern Taiwan. 「Giant ships going into harbor」is one of the most fascinating attrac