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Taichung City Taichung City
Calligraphy Greenway comes in 3.6 kilometers, ranging north from the National Museum of Natural Science to the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts in the south. It’s an urban space structure shaped in a kind of long and wide stripe. Along the stripe, the National Museum of Natural Science, the Civil Square, the Park Lane by CMP, the gallery space, the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, and the food court are gathered here to offer a variety of merry events, activities, upbeat spirits, and fun
Taichung City Taichung City
Dajia Zhenlan Temple is one of the most famous Matzu Temples in Taiwan with over 200 years of history. It is constantly thronged with pilgrims from all corners of Taiwan. The pilgrimage tour held in March every year has become a world-famous religious ceremony, attracting visitors from Taiwan and overseas. It is a scenic spot that best represents Dajia. The violet jade Matzu of Jenn Lann Temple and the Golden Matzu in the basement of Matzu cultural museum are the treasures of the temple. Now,
Changhua County Changhua
The Chinese「Fucheng, Lukang and Manka」means Lukang was the second largest town in Taiwan. The history of the town of Lukang has been characterized by rapid change. In the 17th century, Dutch occupiers used Lukang as a major harbor for exports; in 1784 it was designated as the Taiwan seaport for shipping links with the Hanchiang harbor at Chuanchou on the coast of mainland China. Thereby becoming the gateway to central Taiwan. At that time the town was crowded with stores that covered their facin