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Brand Introduction

“Come and get your ear of grilled corn on the cob!”
Many of us in Taiwan grew up with this familiar call from grilled corn peddlers. Grilled corns are a popular street food item with over sixty-years of history and loved by the locals.

Fresh corns grown in local farms are selected, and dressed with Uncle Being’s famously delicious sauces four times before they are sent into a custom-designed induction cooker – developed by one of Taiwan’s best-known cookware companies. The cooker helps lock in the freshness, natural sweetness and juices of the food. The preparation process is very clean, efficient, with very little carbon emissions, so that the patrons can enjoy this signature street food with peace of mind.

The two founders of Uncle Being witnessed the successful transformation of many next-generation fusion enterprises, and were inspired to apply the model to their own business. The team o worked hard to reinvent its brand identity, and launched the third-generation “grilled corn on the cob with sauce” specialty store to meet the culinary palate of every customer with more menu options.

The Beginning
Founder of Uncle Being’s Grilled Corn on the Cob, Mr. Hu Being-nian, wanted to be an entrepreneur for as long as he could remember. After being decommissioned from the Navy as an officer, Mr. Hu had opened a carwash, a restaurant, and a logistics firm, all of them were successful.
He visited the night market on one fateful evening, and saw grilled corn on the cob being peddled by hawkers. Hu has always loved this street food and he decided to head back to his home in Yilan, to learn the art of grilled corn on the cob from his uncle. In 1993, he opened “Uncle Corn’s Food Truck.”

Mr. Hu spent three years to create a sauce recipe, and opened a first-generation, “Da-being’s Grilled Corn on the Cob” chain. The business’s franchisees grew to 200 in just a couple of years and in 2011, a second-generation “Uncle Being’s Grilled Corn on the Carb” was launched in Fengjia Night Market, touting a fusion menu of grilled corn on the cob with flavored tea beverages.

Mr. Hu and cofounder, Mr. Chiu Hsian-hui, developed a newfangled preservation method for corns to ensure that there’d always be plenty of corns, and that the freshness is always there. Franchisees no longer need to worry about the supply running out, and that their patrons will always enjoy the freshest treats.

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Store Information

Chain Store Store Name Location Store Address Phone Number Business Hours
Uncle Being Taichung Fengjia Taichung City No.332, Fuxing Rd., Xitun Dist., Taichung City 04-24510955 15:00~00:00