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Shan-Hai Guan has specialized in dried bonito products for over 45 years. We are committed to using premium-quality ingredients, bringing the complex blend of sweet and savory flavors in our products to the fore, and the sophistication achieved is unrivaled by our competitors. Besides dried bonito flakes, our Crispy Fried Bonito made fresh daily is another popular store item. This item often sells out quickly, so you should get some while supplies last! Other Taitung specialty items include rose
Happy Homestay, located in 2016, was set up in 2016. It’s in close range of a few tourist destinations: Budai Fish Market, Budai Salt Hill, the High-Heel Wedding Church, Haomei Liao Painted Village and Mangrove Nature Reserve. Tourists can board a ferry ride at the Budai Wharf and sail to Penghu. Travel north and you’ll be taken to Dongshih Fishermen’s Wharf and the Southern Branch of the National Palace Museum. The area is a great place for family hangouts and teambuilding travels. Happy Homest
Hop Lion, established in 1908, is one of the world’s most historic feather and down manufacturers, with facilities found worldwide. It has been run by the Chen family for over five generations. With “Integrity” and “Continued Innovation” at the center of Hop Lion’s core values, it has become one of the most visible and respected companies in the down and feather industry. Hop Lion produces three staple products: down and feather bulk materials, beddings and apparel. In addition to providing part
Orange Cat Coffee, situated in Taichung City, was established in 2009 as a pet-friendly coffeehouse. Take your pick from the amazing menu of brunches, Italian dishes, sandwiches, waffles and desserts. The founder keeps a number of cats in the coffeehouse to keep feline-loving patrons entertained for a unique yet relaxing meal experience. The coffeehouse accepts credit cards and mobile payments. It also offers food delivery and Wi-Fi services.
Crown Relish Foods Co. Ltd was set up in 2001. It’s a notable foods and sauces maker that specializes in seasonings, dressings, condiments and broths. It works closely with over 3,000 restaurants and fast food chains chain around Taiwan. Besides marketing its own products, Crown Relish Foods Co. Ltd also offers business assistances to local farmers, integrated startup support programs to put its enterprise impact to good use and improve social morale.
Tuā-káng B&B, located in the business district in Shinkuchan of Kaohsiung City, used to be an old, run-down home left in disuse for decades. But it was resurrected from the ruins by the current innkeeper and transformed into a unique, cozy B&B with nostalgic appeal and trendy aesthetic. The innkeeper puts thoughtful, linguistic touches of Taiwanese Hoklo in the description of each floor, suites and room numbers. The old name of Sin-hing-khu is Tāi-káng-po͘, and innkeeper of Tuā-káng B&B urges ev
With Inn Hostel is an ancient Taiwanese-style residential home. When backpackers from around the world who’re fortunate enough to meet here, they’d be treated to a bona fide Taiwan home experience and golden-age Kaohsiung nostalgia. Besides preserving the hostel’s old school Taiwanese architectural characteristics, the proprietor successfully revivified the structure with a new look, bringing journeymen from the world over to the same spatiotemporal backdrop in this moment, shuttling between the
Craftsmen at Viken Tea regard the preservation of the tea tradition and modern tea art seriously. Since hand-shaken beverages are in vogue, it makes perfect sense for the owner of Viken Tea to stage a hand-shaken, mixology performance at the bar to entice the first-time customers of gourmet teas, drawing them to an interpretive tea-ology brewing presentation, elevating tea-drinking to a fashionable, yet cool and calming experience. Viken Tea also incorporates multiple teas into the culinary pro
The modernization of underdeveloped remote regions and numerous social issues are correlated on many levels. The farm village in Dashu is a case in point: (1) Tourists to the village are merely passing by and such trips don’t exactly afford them sufficient time to take in the allure of the community, and they’d lost interest in returning for more, which stymies Dashu’s farm village tourism development. (2) Local smallholders, given their obscurity, still have to rely on wholesalers to market t
“A Touch of Zen Guest House” is the first B&B in Taiwan converted from a military dependent’s village and all’s welcome to stop by for a stay. In a move to preserve the history of the village, Bureau of Cultural Affairs of Kaohsiung City Government kicked off a “preservation through cultural program incentive.” A Touch of Zen Guest House is one of such old quarters being revitalized by the initiative. Visitors to the village will first notice the green exterior façade and the stained-glass wind
“Na Pu” is the name given to the indigenous people by the ancestors, while “locally-grown organic tea” is one of the greatest gifts from the heavens to the people. “Na Pu Organic Tea Garden of Baoshan” is located in the unfrequented Tengjhih National Forest Recreation Area. Visitors have to enter the tea garden from Tengjhih forested pathway and industrial roadways. Instead of a manicured, uniform and lush forestland, the tea garden is actually more of a wild, virgin forest, giving organic tea
Founded in 1995, Pei Shan Jewelry has spent years dedicating its service to the community in the spirit of “Trustworthiness, Quality, Professionalism and Dedication.” It upholds its customers’ beautification experience with superb colors and craftsmanship at a reasonable price, plus a robust post-sale customer service. Pei Shan Jewelry understands every woman’s dream of owning a piece of her statement jewelry – be it premium-quality gemstones, or affordable, heirloom-worthy finery, Pei Shan Jewe